Thursday, July 28, 2005


<-------Look at that guy. He snored so loud, but he was hilarious. Good ol' Johnny. He was a true Scot. This was at our camp in PA. I got bored tonight so I thought I'd post pictures.

This is Si. We went to Phili together and had a lot of good times. He is also a Scot. He says he is going to visit in September. It should be fun. He is always telling me all these great stories about da ladies. He is a pretty crazy guy. A true friend.

<--------This is Si as a kid. Already showing the craziness. ------------------------------------------------>
This is my bro. Look at this guy. Can you believe we are related? Justice (yes that is his name) is a great guy. He is always away doing military things though. Maybe someday we'll actually climb together.

<---------- This is Erinn. One of my greatest friends. We used to hang out all the time my freshman year in Colorado. I see her from time to time when I visit, but I'm still hoping to share some good times with her in the next couple of weeks. She is very important to me. I couldn't get by without her sometimes. One of my climbin chums, Ryan. --------------->
Yeah, sure he is holding a peace sign, but don't let that confuse you. He is a pretty vicious guy. Whoa, fierce. Look at that killer instinct coming through. I have a feeling this guy is going to be doing shots of hot sauce this climbing season. (inside joke)

<-------Marc and Ryan (left to right) Marc decided to be a little bitch and go off to Mizzou this year. WHAT HAPPENED TO COLORADO? haha. I'm j/k Marc. I know.... I know.... You hate Carbondale. I hope you are happy, man. I really do. But you are still a little bitch. Come climb at Jackson!

I was something to Angie. I don't really know what though. She is a pretty cool girl though. While she is not slaving away working on her PhD, she volunteers to help women or teaches piano. A very busy lady. One day she will help children out with her musical treehouse of children's pyschology. You can ask her. She has it all planned out.

<---------Tyler is one of my best friends. We met in high school and have been friends since. He is a pretty responsible guy. He is my go-to guy when it comes down to asking, "Hey, is this okay or just wreckless?" haha. Tyler didn't want to go to Colorado with me this year. Apparently he has a job or something. Whatever.

Emily from MN or Champaign, IL. Whichever ------------>

Emily is such a scholar. She belongs to a million different organizations and is on some kind of national scholar program. She is a cool friend and can always ramble on and on about some point of history I had no idea about before. She also wears scandalous skirts such as the one pictured here.

<----------- Mike.

This is a hilarious photo. I don't even see this guy anymore. He is a friend of Marc's that we used to get wasted with. He always had Alkaline Trio playing in the background. He left to go to another school. Probably good because he would probably be upset that I posted this picture online. I'm not gay or anything, but taking funny pictures is always a great thing to do. So laugh it up because I usually do.

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