Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Viva le lait au chocolat!

Chocolate Milk! ~ Ya Gotta Love Chocolate Milk!

Imagine a world without Chocolate Milk. Could anyone really survive? Who would want to? It would just be too tough. Chocolate Milk makes me want to make the world a better place.

I have been working the past few days. It is nothing special, but it is a hilarious job (catering.) It is funny to see how everyone takes their job so serious. One of my bosses gets so spastic and stressed out sometimes. I just go along doing whatever and getting stuff done. I crack some jokes from time to time. They have to believe I don't take it too seriously, but how could I?

My last job swayed public opinion. It was taken as fact. I wrote and people listened. I reported the facts and dove into getting the story. My job was an art form. It was a responsibility. It gave me much back in the three semesters I worked there. It was also working towards something. I really loved it. I gave it up for something more though.

I might find something else when I return for the semester, but for now this job guarantees Colorado. I can just feel the start of the trip. I love to drive across the country. I can imagine the wind breezing over my face. I can just picture that one rest stop in Kansas with the McDonalds in the middle of the interstate. I stopped there my very first trip to Colorado by myself. I felt so brave. I felt so alive to be doing something so new.

I have to keep my life new. Every day is something. Some people have to travel all over to try to find something "new," but it is within my very heart that I find the new. One of my advisors at the paper said you have to get all you can from one place and then you have to move on. I think he was making the point that you can't be afraid to try new things and go new places. People just get into this comfort zone and are afraid to try new things. I used to see it happen all the time in my hometown. I feared turning out being the same way until after I left. Soon after, I realized I was nothing like them.

I can't wait to see my friends. I miss them so much. I miss Erinn all the time. I like how much we usually laugh when we are together. I don't really want to think about anything other than just hanging out while I'm out there. It wouldn't be great to complicate things too much. I just want to relax and get my liberal/Western grip on the world back.

I'm taking all my climbing gear and definitely hitting up the rock as much as I can as well. That will be a great experience. I hope I can somehow meet up with Marc, Ryan or Matt on their return trip. I know Ryan will go through Colorado. He told me he liked it too much. It would be great to do a trad climb in the Flat Irons with Ryan.

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