Saturday, August 06, 2005

I made plans. I executed plans.
I started a goal this summer.
I was pushed this summer and I loved it.

Some days, I had no food. I had no money to buy food, but the only thing on my mind was to study. It didn't matter, because I had a reason to study. That is all I ever wanted.

I actually believe in where I want to end up. It is just as good as the feeling I got when I thought of all the people I could help being a doctor, as when I first started school. ~But very different~

This time it's me. I am using my true self to achieve my goals and not trying to be something I am not. Over the past two months, I have picked up a new minor, one that I know will give me a great deal of power to help people (economics.) I have also fortified my interest in Africa. What I learned about the people of South Africa was horrible, but what I saw them do in exchange was awesome. They massed together. They moved singing songs of unity and hope. They gave me hope. Professor Benti said at the end of the course he believes anyone can overcome anything in life just from what these people did.

Three hundred and forty years of rule at the hands of cruel white minority. 1652-1992.~

You give me great hope, South Africa.

I will leave this weekend to go wherever the wind blows me for a while. I will return in the Fall to start up classes, to meet new people, to climb with some of my best friends, to grow everyday as a person with many hardships, to watch the leaves brown and to feel the air grow crisp then cold. I will leave this weekend knowing no matter what happens I have the rest of my life ahead of me. I have the rest of my life to sing a song of unity while marching away trying to make this world a better place at least one person at a time.

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