Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a little short.

I apologize if I've been a bit out of it lately. Much has happened.

Financially, I think everything is figured out. Woooohooo!

Exam Friday. Kind of stressed. Badly want an A.

Two things I am thinking right now: Climbing, South Africa.

After Friday: climbing, hometown, Florinda's Ristorante, a bit of good wine, tons of sleep, tons of running, tons of no worries.

I was just talking about how badly I wanted to go climbing tonight and some girl IMs me out of nowhere and BAM! climbing partner for the weekend. Josiah gave her my name. Apparently, she is some girl from Northwestern. She just got back from South Africa. I think it could be fun. Little chance of rain, but I doubt it. I really hope not. Sunday is mine! (if not Saturday)

I want the Fall to come with the crisp fresh air. I want my friends to return.

My priorities have changed. It is all about Law School now. Just not any JD either. We're talking Peace Corps - best law school I can get with the best human rights/international trade program - life and doing stuff with it.

Someone told me I was smart today during work. I said something very practical and common sense. Main guy in charge treated me like a bleedin spectacle. I really have to think things might have been different if I would have cared a great deal more where I went to school after high school. (Bitter words from a tired me who can't go to sleep.) Word to the wise - Never drink three cups of coffee in an afternoon when you have been avoiding it for years. Caffeine can hurt you. Badly.

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