Thursday, September 15, 2005

A good day to rain

Just now, I was singing in the rain.

I wonder if I am just the same as I ever was, not lost but just displaced. Amy told me that I am trying to accomplish too much, and I should find out what is REALLY important and just pursue it and be happy.

I have goals, and I have dreams. But goals never make me happy until they are accomplished. Then I move on and discover my next one.

But dreams are another story. I dream so often about so much. Stuff other people take for granted. I don't dream about being an attorney fighting for the little people, changing the world because then it would never happen. That is a goal. Goals, if we work hard enough, are always possible.

Dreams are stuff only the luckiest people get.

(I think as a kid I watched too many Disney movies.)

I believe in an existance where the people surrounding me have beautiful souls. The love of my life walks in and I just find the right words to say to sweep her off her feet. I am so bold and daring that she could never love another, and it would be true. The last part is crucial. How I have heard the words "I could never love another." and those words were never true on her part. I think back to that point, but I am not bitter. For it is my unfateful decision that made it so.

I think at other times I am just foolish. My goals tell me I cannot have my dreams yet. My goals are very important and are practical.

Dreams or goals?

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