Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No lyricist, but here is my song.

I talked to some fellow journalists in Pakistan today as part of a video conference. I sat there thinking of how human everyone really is and how skewed some people's views are. This song followed me on the way out. I am no lyricist, but I've been sitting here playing with the words.

Believe in me.
Hope for me.
Pray with me
Cause I just want
to help your cause
and find a way
to see past this whole mess of things

fight for me, as I fight for you
and I will believe in you
as you believe in me.
and we will stand
fighters for
peace and freedom
love and hope
and all that's true

Pray for me
I know we differ
but we are still
fighters for peace
and freedom

It is tough for me
it is tougher for you
no one seems to care

so care for me
I do care for you
and we will stand

fighters for peace and freedom
Hope and love will see us through.

I have to go talk to some people from the Risk Management office because some lady seems to think people have died climbing here. It is a small-town mentality that creates these kinds of rumors. I have never heard of anyone ever dying while rock climbing here. Sure, I have heard of some crazy, drunken, wreckless souls who have fallen off cliffs, but never with proper safety gear. I hope to make my case. I really hope to inspire some people to really care about this group also. It could be so great for Southern Illinois. It could help so many people find what I find in climbing - a lifestyle, a mentality, a sense of achievement and accomplishment and a purpose to stay healthy.

I shall try to do much before my time is up here. I know the pressure will be great, but only through beating back my fears will I ever accomplish anything worth remembering.

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