Thursday, September 08, 2005

The way things go.

So I went on a drive tonight, a rather short one. I could feel the wind flowing around my face and dancing upon my skin. I remembered how each road trip felt, singing at the top of my lungs until I had no voice. I thought of Colorado and the long hauls made in that direction. I thought of the drive to and from Pennsylvania and Florida. I thought of the way Charlotte would laugh and throw her head out the window to feel the wind in her hair. Nostalgia crept up on me as I thought of being pulled over by a police officer and Melissa massaging my shoulders while telling me all would be OK. Many, many memories. Yes, I guess this is a whole new phase in my life that I am entering. My independence has been cut partially short, though not entirely. I feel caged and trapped here in Carbondale. However, I might be able to afford a plane ticket out soon with a little effort on my own part. I have to use the all of my abilities in finding a means of escape. I believe Fate might give me a way.

Again, I dive into responsibilities in order to forget the world around me. I figure if I do enough good in this world, my karma might just start to change. My cell worked enough to call two people lastnight - Erinn being one of them, but then immediately stopped working again. I also found my short story I have been working on. Phew!

I guess things have leveled out. Someone offered me a free bike yesterday, and I was promoted head of public relations for the Bioneers Satellite Conference here in Carbondale. I take that as a huge responsibilty. It might also look good on an resume.

The climbing club has been slacking since my computer crashed, but I swear it will be written up tomorrow. I'd do it tonight if not for a big test I have in pyschology. I still have to find time to go by the Boys and Girls Club. Rotaract Club will be starting some of their service projects as well.

With all of this going on, I wish someone might bring a little color into my life.

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