Thursday, November 10, 2005

A dream

I had a dream of a certain girl lastnight. It makes me want to call her. In fact, I badly want to call her, but I have no premise for doing so other than mentioning my dream.

In my dream, we were nothing more than friends. But I dreamt that I kissed her. She told me it was too soon and how I really couldn't care about her and walked away. In my dream, I just sat there confused and then woke up to my alarm going off. I know this might be my subconscious trying to convey my sense of timing with the ladies is way off, especially if I want something more secure and with a better footing from the start, but damn it I really want to call this girl just see what might happen.

I have known this girl since last spring when a friend introduced us, and she has even liked me at one point, but I was busy. I see her from time to time in the student center and always tell her I will call her, but never do. She reads many books and can converse in detail about philosophy and world events and the political idealism behind those world events. She has brown hair and glasses, and I have always secretly liked her. I have never had the courage to actually make anything of it though. Maybe tonight my hopeless romantic side will prevail, and I will succeed in discovering how far my dreams really stretch. haha.

Or I might just flip a coin, go to a meeting and call it a night and say hello to tomorrow. Sometimes I think I make life way too complicated.

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