Saturday, November 12, 2005

Heads or tails

Flipped a coin, and it said, no. So I called her anyway and asked her to study for LSAT together. She said, yes. With no romantic intentions, I think we shall start after Thanksgiving break.

I had a long drawn out conversation with a girl I know from campus Thursday. We were speaking about just making the best of things, and how Carbondale wasn't the place either of us really thought we'd end up, but we were trying to make it all it could be. I told her about my Peace Corps application and how I judged everything in my life by whether it could affect my dreams for the future. We both agreed that the people we bring into our lives should never keep us away from our futures. Instead, they should only inspire us to help us become better people and bring us closer to who we really are. - Not different people!

A lady at The Peace Corps said I have a pretty good chance of making it in. I imagine it will all come down to the interview, but I'm thinking it will go good, especially after they find out where I want to go.

I leave for Colorado very soon and am getting very antsy. I just want to get on the 777 so no one can stop me on my way. I can't wait just to be in the state again and SEE the mountains. I want to make sure they are still there with my own two eyes. haha.

Climbing club had a pretty rockin party Thursday night. There was dancing, jokes and people hanging out and having a great time. We all made asses out of ourselves, no haters though so it didn't matter. The next day we went out and showed some new people the basics, and now a few more people are addicted. I really love the idea of this club.

I remember so long ago when I would dream about climbing outdoors. It was such an chore just to find someone, and I tried all the time. I remember begging people just to take me out with them and even resorting to telling someone I had been climbing outdoors just to get outside. I ended up going up a 5.10 on my first time out and flashed it. It was at Golden and I still remember how happy I was just to be getting outdoors. I led my first climb on that day too. I didn't really care about the whole head game just because I was so happy just to be outdoors. I wish I could thank Matt for taking me. I remember when I left Colorado that we were planning on going on this crazy tour around the U.S. together. I hope he actually went and maybe someday I'll see him on a rockface somewhere, and we can speak about it.

That is the way it has been with my past. A lot of chances taken and so many good memories for it. Maybe that is why I feel so depressed sometimes here. I feel stagnant and no room for chance in my life. I can't wait until I get to get out in the real world. I want to be one of those people with a crazy story where I inspire people to be better than the world around them. I want to help people and become part of some great movement to change the world for the better. I don't care too much about making life a journey as long as it is an adventure. T'would be a great thing to live an adventure.

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