Monday, January 30, 2006

I want to climb like key lime pie

Such a great party! I love being active.

The other night a friend of mine had a party. We were campusing on wooden blocks nearly the entire night. One arms and double campus. There were some girls ... nothing special. It was just great to be climbing.

I took a couple people out to the rock this weekend and worked on belay and setting top ropes. It was a fun time, and it was chill to sit outside.

The unseasonable warmth nearly lets me forget how homesick I am sometimes. In reality, it is pretty nice down here. There are some beautiful areas. I just feel I should always be somewhere else. Maybe I have no idea where that is.

I also decided to take some time and think. This week, I will work hard without distraction. Next week, I will fast. I need to focus on some stuff in my life, as in my unused potential. I told someone this lastnight, and she made reference to her leading me on. It took me offgaurd. But maybe she was right, and she had become that important to me. I guess I just thought it was good to hope and maybe start to build a good friendship.

I hate playing the role of the fool. I never take it too well.

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Someone who cares... said...

"You got me right where you want me. Let's never talk about this again because I never wanted it to mean that much to me." - TBS
Just reminded me of that song. I've been in that situation where something or someone takes you by surprise, and before you realize it, they mean more to you than you originally anticipated. But hey, can't be too cynical, but you're learning.


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