Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pipe Dream

Lastnight, I had a vivid dream ...

The bright night sky lit up the ground. The luminescence of starlight painted from the blue galaxy above made it seem as if the sky were swirling around in giant vortex. The ground was fresh with summer, damp. The night still young.

A fiery ferocity gripped me. I felt as if the world would die if I did not act. The weight seemed to lift as I resolved more and more to help. I remember a voice towering above a crowd. It said, act. It said, try. It pleaded and demanded at the same time, and the huge crowd below sat motionless, probably stilled by the overwhelming sense of fright in the air. That is when I left.

As I look back now, it all seems a bit crazy how something so trivial could have such importance. It was a huge blue pipe sticking out of the ground. That was what I had to conquer. It jutted from the ground and into the sky. It bent at around 400 ft. and swayed into a snake like contortion. And the end was a sudden small and single blue-lighted shaft beaming to the ground. Along the entire frame of this seemingly smooth pipe were ridges, and small ledges. Some I could see were obviously for maintenance while others just seemed to be part of the design.

I knew I had to climb the outside of the pipe. I think I was chasing someone. As I kept climbing, a sinister voice kept saying I was not meant to climb the pipe. I would fall. It kept reminding me of the long distance to the ground and my death. It told me I was weak. It said I was wrong. It said the town was wrong, and the person climbing the pipe in front of me was strong, stronger than I. But I kept climbing. The more the voice said I was wrong, the more passionate I felt about the cause, and the stronger I climbed. When the pipe started to round, I was very close to the person. I wanted something.

When I caught up, I ripped it away. It did not fight me, but instead sat and cowered on the side of a little steel ledge. When I reached the lighted shaft, it scared me. It was the end. The danger was over. I had lost my edge, and the ground seemed an eternity away. But with one last dreamlike suggestion, I leapt out and grabbed the narrow shaft and started to slide to the ground.


It was a great dream, vivid and extreme. I feel as if it could be telling me something great about my life, but I think I will dissect it later. I just had to get here and write it out.

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