Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gut Instincts

Dear Friends,

I cannot recall the vast impropriety in which you have labeled me. I think some know me while others have no clue. But who cares! I know myself. But please do not judge me so quickly. The wall that I hide behind towers above most noble qualities found deep within my soul.

So who am I? Judge for yourself. Do it with an open mind. Do it with a free spirit. Please, open your heart for me and strive to see the same great spirit I see in all of you.


Red Rocks. Let me just say, "Wow." The beauty of the windy solitude, the crimson layers of hardened desert sandstone, the green cacti thriving in the harsh, unforgiving wasteland. T'was what Christ saw when he left society to feel closer to God.

I feel as if life is unyielding in giving me what I really need, what I truly want. However, I have hardened. My skin is thick like that of a Sequoia. No fire can burn me. No hope lost may extinguish my productivity. Hope is found within my heart. My need for love is gone. It is a dream, kept at times while at others ...


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