Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why I am alone

In the rain, I notice no one beside me. When I go home, no one waits. When I call, no one expects my call.

It does not bother me, then it does. I am independent, but I am not. I immerse myself in economics, philosophy, literature, physics and climbing. I think of nothing else.

And then it rains ...

And the warm rain reminds me of a kiss so deeply felt, so deeply given that I wish to give it again. It reminds me of my heart and soul, my muse - love. How much deeper I think when it is all true.

Yet love cannot be for sometime. In the absence of truth, I am destroyed. My schoolwork fails. I am left with nothing. Then I only have doubt. Without faith, I'm nothing.

So for the sake of all, I am alone, searching out for a little bit of truth.

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