Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Five days in the wilderness.

In a certain second, a synapse fired in my mind, and a single tear plummeted from my cheek.

Laying there, looking at the stars, I could think of nothing else, but a short adventure, a true romance and a girl who needed me, truly needed me as much as I needed her. A romantic adventure! A pure experience with true people. Something scary! Dangerous! Risky!

I thought of nothing else in that second. The bottoms of trees shone green from a large fire. Everyone's voice faded. The wind grew stronger, trying to stir me from rest. The trees' leaves rustled just quiet enough to arouse every single hopeful fiber.

Five days in the wilderness was not much. We backpacked mostly along the River to River Trail. Great meals, good conversations and testing simulations of what these "at risk" teens would be like.

I hope I am ready for July. If I come out in one piece, it shall be a true experience.

As always though, I just wish for a little bit of intrigue in my busy life.

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