Thursday, May 04, 2006

A smile after a run

As if my run within this mysterious rainy night was not enough to calm my spirit and make me believe in the inner beauty of life, I helped a young lady during my walk to cool down.

She was sitting on the street corner crying. Two drunk people were unsuccessfully trying to console her. My kryptonite is a girl crying. I asked her if she would like to walk with me during my cool down. I then asked if she was crying because she lost her shoes. (She was barefoot.) I tricked her into smiling. Laughter is the most intelligent, most sincere part of our soul. And when we release it, we give our heart strength to fly even in the most trying of times.

The person she was crying about soon came to talk to her. I hope she found some happiness tonight. I also hope one relationship does not taint her life.

It felt good to help someone in need. Even replacing one tear with a smile is good enough for me.

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