Sunday, June 04, 2006

The sound of wheat blowing in the summer wind

Could you commiserate with those sad souls lost in the continent Africa?

Could you just for a second forget your splendid life to think of those souls lost in a continent where very few care. A place where people starve while others gorge themselves at the expense of the masses?

Who is more important?!

I say to you, society, START CARING! START GIVING A FUCK!

Tonight I went out with a friend. Tonight I went out and thought of only the people exploited at the hands of the comfortable. I thought of the suffering in my own life. The constant setbacks mending the synapses of my mind.

Are they people?! Of course they are! If you read this, and you think you cannot help then you are seriously mistaken.

If everyone did just a little !!! if everyone cared !!!! just a little!!! then maybe something would happen!

I care. Please care! Please help me find someone who cares!

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