Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My birthday

Only a few days ago I was cold. Only a few days ago, I was 22 years old.

A couple days ago, I was sitting on the edge of working for a woman with whom I had a vested interest. A couple days ago, the weather was putrid.

Suddenly everything changes.

My heart is on fire. My soul, at peace.

My hopes have become wildfires of passion. My heart beats with charismatic triumph as I sit upon the edge of freedom. I run through clouds for miles instead of treading on the ground. My head does not throb at the thought of complex thoughts, but instead welcomes them.

The fire buried deep inside has spread throughout my core. It is no longer within my depths, but travels through every capillary. I breathe and can feel my pulse. I close my eyes and see my heart's throb.

This intensity comes with 23 years. It comes from waiting for a life ready to unfold. A life that already has.

It comes with a realization:
The most beautiful time of anyone's life
the present.

It's the only time we have.

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