Sunday, April 29, 2007

the end.

Soon I will be in another state of mind. I will leave my friends, family and worries to get three papers done, get a peace corps application done and finish an application for this summer. Three papers stand in between a degree and me. I hate to be single minded but everything rides on this. I am afraid of what comes after, but I must finish this degree. I must move on.

I went out in the sun today and wrote in my newly bought journal. The warm sun on my skin felt comforting. I thought a lot and got so many of my feelings out on paper. My last journal never felt like it was mine. Bought by someone else, it did not ever feel as if it was me. Yeah, weird huh? But this new journal feels like me. - I can express myself again.

Here I sit. Ready to study. Ready to commit to that single purpose, to turn off my phone and to head into the digital world of online journals and books I've recently read on the subjects, only talking to sources I need for my paper.

Once I get done, I will think of other things.

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