Thursday, June 07, 2007

in ireland (this hostel smells funny)

A million miles away from all I know with someone I barely know. Yet he is someone I should.

For all the crazy and fun adventures on this trip, I really wish for those friends who know me the most, who know me the deepest. My trip is almost done, and I will be another million miles away from everyone who knows me.

Yet this is the adventure. This is the life of a man who will not settle.

Someday I will be home. I will keep those friends.

Maybe someday the greatest adventure will be the smallest instances in everday life ...

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k said...

(you enabled comments!)
i think i speak for all who know you well when i say that you are sorely missed state-side. nevermind that co might as well be dublin, it puts you 6000 miles closer. :\

ps: where is home?


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