Thursday, September 10, 2009

The product of Sitara's meat loaf.

Last night, with a garlic-onion-basil-all spice-sausage-beef flavored concoction in my stomach, I dreamt of one who would run after me.

The dream so vivid, I awoke infatuated with the thought. Yet I could not recall the face. She believed in something and in me. And that we could face the world with a ferocity of never backing down, of simple pleasures and poetic souls.

And I awoke. Sufjan played on the radio.

~ I sat by a little stream last evening. The night was filled with bull frogs ribbits and locust grrks. I studied for the test that would not define me. And it was a fine reason to pull myself away from all this.

Though ...

I am glad I could truly escape in one dream of what the world could be again.

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