Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thesis Topic

And we walk on ... a million hearts suffering as we push a button that alights a screen. The screen drags away our mortal coil, the very essence of our being that keeps us human. The screen entertains us. Let us avoid the thought of the moment, the day, the reality. Let us not watch as human rights are trampled in foreign lands. Let us not watch as racial slurs spit across our own soil, affecting some of the only people trying to bring about a positive change. 

Instead, let us fall from our glory and be part of the decay.

I say no! I say we cannot stand still! We cannot let this world fall.

Today, I have to pick a research topic for my thesis. (Yikes!) I have something worth researching. It aligns with the cutting edge of science,and it might even be publishable.

Yet ...    YET!

Who does it help? Will it help me live a life that fights the good fight? Will it help me to make an impact or just an income? I know every choice I may make will not be a final decision, but I truly believe this to be a huge decision. I do not want to fall down the path of just turning on the tube and ignoring the real state of the world.

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