Sunday, November 27, 2011


Can you agree that love is most important?

These days, I find the most upsetting instances lost in a state of hopeful loneliness. Why "hopeful" loneliness? Well, "hopeful" because I never look out into the world with a feeling as if it will be forever. This moment, I know, will be ephemeral. However, the hope gives it a sting. I keep looking, wondering and hoping probably when I should not. Probably when I should steer my mind toward other things.

I spent the past two weeks with friends and family. One week spent visiting my brother capped off with my sister and  favorite niece and nephew. One week spent with old friends who moved out to California five or so years ago. I had not  seen these friends in years. It felt nice to see them together. Last time, I saw one of them. They were having a rough patch, and I gave my friend the advice of a hundred fleeting relationships. I believe it is this advice that might have given him the insight of what he had right in front of him, how precious it was. Needless to say, they reminded me that I had yet to attain any such thing in my life.

So I guess I can agree with you now, if you have come to such a conclusion: love is really most important.

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