Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two weeks left

Nearly finished with my orientation materials, I catch a deep breath before it all begins. I have learned that I am not good at sitting around, waiting for the current to begin again. Idleness worries me. When I am not moving, I feel as if time will catch up with me and cover me in a great wave of failure.  So I constantly run forward.

My deep breath comes in the form of heartfelt hugs, sweet kisses and hope-filled embraces. The feeling grows constantly within the deep emotions of our human essence. This week, we cook Indian dishes, shop at the farmer's market and try to forget about the many miles that will separate us, the stressful challenges awaiting our talents. We still have no idea how hard or how easy it shall be.

This week, I hope to begin to recover from the sickness that has steadily latched on during the past two weeks. Then I may be at my very best for the start of this new endeavor. With every word I read, I become more excited, yearning to know the rules that rule the world. I yearn to understand the system so that I might wield my mind to somehow positively change the world.

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