Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I would really like to do with my summer ...

I'd like to drive into a small town/city/suburb, sit down at the counter, and ask someone, "Let me hear about your life. Then I want you to tell me what you think is right and wrong about where our country is going."

I'd ask mayors, the homeless, business owners, construction workers, truck drivers, amusement park workers, the young, the old, the middle aged ... get a canvass of everyone. Hopefully I'd find the optimistic, the pessimistic, the realistic and even the true cynics. I'd pick two big issues per person, write about his/her life (where he/she is coming from with the opinion), then I'd write some background on the subject and where he/she thinks we, as a country, should be moving. Topics would range from big, overall, national debates such as gay marriage to local, specific issues such as water rights.

I'd update this all on another blog, unconnected to this one. As I snaked my way through the country, I would have an update a week with a new person every week. I'd camp out or sleep in my car/ stay with friends or stay in a hotel when a shower was in order.

If not me, someone should do this. I feel like the pulse of America is still there. However, it is hidden by big interests and talking heads, the ideas that separate us all before we even where the other stands.

If I had the funding, I'd dedicate my summer to this. This would be a great idea, and a great adventure.

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