Monday, July 31, 2006

A night inside.

And now my life begins to fall into place. At every step I become stronger. At every single instance of failure I succeed in my own struggle. The last 30 days were mentally fatiguing. They were miserable, and they were some of the best 30 days I've spent, some of the most meaningful.

I come back now to a reality, a reality where the ball has been dropped and sent rolling. It is a reality of choice and circumstance. It is also a reality of opportunity in my own personal legend. I am the happiest I've been in a long time and the most secure I've ever been with myself.

I have goals. I have experiences. I have opportunity, and now I again have a heart. A heart that bleeds, thrives, pulsates uncontrollably and leaps at the scent of pure happiness. It is funny to think I found it in the wild while working with troubled youth, but I did. I guess I found my heart in Michigan. Of all places, Michigan ... Who would have thought?

So now I'm tired, but I write just for the fun of it before sleep. I will surely write a better written thought at a better hour.


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