Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Each day I feel a struggle against the cold shell that I envelope around my soul. Life becomes a more barren, boring existence. No excitement, no soul ... friends come and go; they all have their own lives now. Love comes in with the greatest intentions only to be just a passing reminder that everything is ephemeral.

So why believe in anything when everything fades?

Would it be too much just to find something that sparks the passionate fire within me? Would it be too much to believe something could last ... for once?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Blues

Staring at the wall after a few hours work on a Saturday, I can't help think of Scrooge. Whereas Scrooge's lust for money propelled him away from the people who initially cared, I do the same. Except I lust for freedom and education.

Does it make it any better?

Today has been a horrible day. Last night, a horrible night! I could have been sitting at the Metro in Chicago listening to the quintessential American folk singer strum one for freedom, but instead here I sit ...

a responsible fool.


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