Friday, June 22, 2007

at times scared, but relishing the challenge.

Miss my friends ...

Miss laughter and climbing ...

Miss a purpose ...

Standing at the concert last night, I realized, this is my home. I have went out onto the edge of a dangerous precipice, wind roaring at my back.

So this is the real world?

I wonder how I will do...
A mysterious life sits in front of me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

a hike above tree line.

I look up at that jagged peak. I ascend that jagged peak.

This is life to me. Nothing is impossible. Our lives are mysteries until the end, but we have the control to make them beautiful. Sitting back and reading books, exploring my mind and coming to conclusions about my own unlimited curiosity thrills me. Doing what seems hard to look back at an easy ascent enlightens me to the stress my body might be able to take.

And when emotions grip me, it is wonderful to see how passionate I can become.

When in unison, the heart and the mind spring to the expectations of a grand and great adventure - an adventure for the storybooks, an adventure that soothes the soul.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

in ireland (this hostel smells funny)

A million miles away from all I know with someone I barely know. Yet he is someone I should.

For all the crazy and fun adventures on this trip, I really wish for those friends who know me the most, who know me the deepest. My trip is almost done, and I will be another million miles away from everyone who knows me.

Yet this is the adventure. This is the life of a man who will not settle.

Someday I will be home. I will keep those friends.

Maybe someday the greatest adventure will be the smallest instances in everday life ...


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