Saturday, January 13, 2007

the complex

a moment gone, lost.

a gaze unquestioned.

again alone.

again no one's burden.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A most unappealing prospect.

A small town, narrowly tucked away in the midst of small town America ... for I wish I could see Taylorville as such. Instead I see a place of memories, some good, some bad, but above all else I see a past I shall never be connected with again. I see childhood memories shattered as I look into faces I once saw as friendly now marred by the world around them. People are too bitter and wield bitter emotions unto everything around them.

I do not feel this path. Instead, I shy away from it. I shall travel the ends of the earth to escape it. When the putrid tongue of a once ravishing soul touches mine, I shall say, "I knew you to be kind and lighthearted. Now your intentions are but silly and primitive."

I know not everyone in Taylorville is like this. But past events have marred my image of people here. I have family who are very kind and lighthearted, who go out at great lengths to help others and show incredible insight into the world. I also have friends who have shared more than a great deal of my life so far, in both humor and pain. I have memories here I might not have had anywhere else.

But this is no place for me. If I have it my way, I will return once more this summer to say adieu. Then make this place just what it should be - a distant memory.


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