Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What is it to invest in something ... to invest in someone? Is it investment to take what we have to offer and put it all into one person? If so, do we put it all there only after we know?

I'd like to think not. I'd like to think investment into something ... into someone is a slow investment over time. It builds us, and then we in return build it until we have so much of ourselves in it that we truly cannot leave. To walk away from a good investment means that we can walk away with more than we had in the beginning (as our starting amount has grown from the start of the venture). However, a good investment gives us so much back that the growth is now worth more than what we had in the first place.

It's funny how life works. Life lessons sometimes hit me like a brick. Yet, this one sneaked beside me like a fox until I was aware of it. Then I did not know why the fox appeared or whether I should trust it.

Zion was cancelled and I ended up spending the week in Texas with my brother. He's about to do something more dangerous than I ever have, but I have confidence he will be fine. My uncle, Acen, also made me a promise of a gift to help me with law school. I did not believe it until I saw the look in his face when he said it. So, things are finally coming together. It is not like I did not believe it would ... It is just ... well I thought it would get much worse before it got better. For the first time, I am not striving to keep from losing every little bit I have gained. Through loss, I have confidence that I could lose and gain it back again. Yet, it would be nice to find a rhythm in all this and make strides toward accomplishing those ever-persisting goals that I made at such a young age.

To help people. To help others believe in themselves. To be able to sleep at night. To fight the good fight. To strive for a love unrelenting. To let a fire grow inside my heart that will not just keep me warm, but will spread out and become part of this world.


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