Saturday, April 22, 2017

In the end,  I know many will leave my life. I leave each place. This time it is on great terms. My boss seems to think I will become a great attorney. However, in one week I do not know where I will go.

I have let my life come to standstill. 

I am afraid of what is to come. People pull me to the Midwest. People pull me to the coast. People pull me toward Boise. Some pull me in other directions. Each one has its own set of distinct possibilities. Truth is ... I'm tired of moving. I'm tired of developing awesome friendships to watch them go away. I'm tired of having no roots and feeling like I cannot build something better.

I must pick a direction and move. Tomorrow or today, I will make a final decision. This life is up to me. I won't go out without a fight. I'll find deep connections, truth, love, and adventure again. No one has to believe in me except myself.


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