Sunday, January 13, 2013

Law School

If anything law school demonstrates some interesting insights into human nature. First, a mind does not work well without sleep, under a lot of stress, absent from fun experiences, or in circumstances enacted outside of normal mental pacing. I have spent days in a mental fog, dreaming of sleep or other circumstances that did not demand so much of me so often without reprieve or some sort of fun intervention. I know that much of this has to do with my own situation. I am in a new place, away from my significant other, forced to make new friends on a restricted time frame and meeting mainly others who have the same restrictions (not counting their own prior time commitments such as family [mucho important!])

Law school also demonstrates how much a higher learning environment can resemble high school. Yet, during high school, I was never one of the cool kids, never invited to parties. Actually, it was quite the opposite. I guess now that I am invited, it does not seem like I ever missed out on much. Sure, I love seeing people and it usually leads to a good time. However, it's not climbing, not hanging out with those purely classic souls who have so much to say, or so much funniness to impart, or so much adventure to inspire ... I guess part of the drama unfolds through my own history of adventure and action instead of drinking and malaise.

I find myself tonight, sipping on scotch, dreaming of visiting those great friends, those great family, those cherished souls who have entered my path. My hopes are that maybe I have encountered more of these fine souls (not out of the question at all!) only in the wrong circumstances.

Law is a bunch of sitting and pondering, extrapolating from the rest of what will be. It is a test and an exercise. Yet, it is not action. The action is mostly what I miss.


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