Monday, April 13, 2009

Even a puddle can be beautiful ... if it has enough salt ;-)

I traveled to southern Illinois this weekend with a friend. We camped near a raging waterfall during the first night.

The night hummed with the waterfall's constant roar. And in the void of the night a persistent drizzle aligned with a darkness in my soul. It questioned my very essence, my strength, my decisions. And as the darkness set in, I found no need to lie anymore. I could just say it and be secure and just

Let Go of Life.

I have found a place to stay in Chicago. They sound like my kind of people. I will never give up on the reasons I do things. I will not succumb to the naysayers or the politics of looking good while not doing much. That is not my way. I will succeed. I will attain the education I need, and the life I want.

I will empathize and will help people. I cannot let myself be scared by the insecurities that come with this life. I will relish them.

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