Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Perseverance is key. For when no one stands beside you, you shall stand beside yourself.

Ode to the hopeful awakening.

I traveled as a man
I burned through the wounds of life
as flesh rotted under old cuts and burns
tears relinquished to my clenched jaw
“Hold. Hold,” said my fellow man
Thud, thump … my heart … thud, thump

Encased, peering outward but stuck,
My face pressed against smudged glass,
I watched those free spirits dance in
Wild, uncontrolled, jovial exuberance,
“Waste not the world,” said they.
Thud … thump … my heart … thud, thump

Vapid entertainers sought my favor
dimmed the raging fires inside
pouring barrels of icy disenchantment
until only a cerulean luminescence remained
“Why bother,” said my friends.
Thud … thump … my heart … thud … thump

Fear tracked my path
It hovered over the ledge of my climb
bellowing shrill cries that bled my core,
I gasped and an erratic shaking started,
“You are mine,” said fear.
Thud, Thud, … my heart … Thud, thump.

Drifting downward as a not a man,
I tensed into a static discipline,
Flowing where Fear allowed,
Ripped and shredded in the torrent,
“Flow. Just flow,” said the passersby.
Thump, thud … my heart … thump, thud.

A final breath filled me,
My body drifted along and downward,
Tumbling against the granite boulders,
Eyes open but not awake,
“Fight,” a voice said. “Fight.”
Thud, thump … my heart … thud, thump.

Inward, my mind wandered over that icy crevasse
I stabbed blindly with my ice axe,
Searching  for inward greatness, shards forgotten
Darkness and light intermixed
“Youth is error,” said old men.
Thud, thump … my heart … thud, thump.

Writhing, wretched strokes upon strokes,
Pushing against and along and upward,
to reach out and feel the surface again, breathe the air,
Some of me lost, but dare I go down again?
“Build new and hold,” said I.
Thud, Thump … my heart … Thud, Thump

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Timorous Poet said...

Wow. I really love what you just wrote. I love it.


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