Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay close to your soul. Don't stray too far.

Life pulls at us to be great, to breathe and live in the context of a million-year plan to bring the single entity of our consciousness into being. How dare we allow ourselves to be pulled into the deluge of the masses!

As I realize that I am a different type of man, yearning for the fresh perspective of new experiences in different places among different peoples, I bury myself in the context of the written word and feel alive again. My studies grow exponentially, and I feel myself being turned down the path of more and more education, more and more work and toil - all in the name of something I cannot yet put my hands on. I feel it will not lead to any great income or adventures. Instead, I think it is a journey that has unfolded before my eyes. And as a boat upon the ever-changing river, I flow slowly to that great rolling sea.

I recently sat at the bottom of a cliff and thought how I wished not to be afraid this time, to pull hard, feel the crease and fold of the rock against my bare hands, and allow my soul to face the great uncertainty of a dangerous situation. I let this feeling slip from time to time, but feel it even more when it happens. I feel everything when I allow my soul to breathe and be itself. To face danger, to face the uncertainty of something without prior knowledge, knowing it could destroy me - this is the true path self discovery. In this, I find a source of power. I guess this is the true trick to life. To laugh in the face of a dangerous, unforgiving world. One should not give an inch to fear. For it is fear that holds the true shackles.

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