Thursday, June 29, 2006

Before the wild

A girl once asked me if I still felt alone even though I had her. And I honestly said, no. I loved her with all of my heart. It is comforting to know I felt as if I was connected to someone even if it didn't last. 'Twas a nice feeling.

Sometimes, we just need to breathe and remember that each day has the same potential as the past. Attitude is the key. Passion is the key. Movement and intelligent thought is the key. I know I am guilty of thinking too highly of my past because some great, wonderful, stupendous events took place. However, I must remind myself of the future. I must keep pressing forward so I can look back at my life as a whole and think of what marvelous things I've accomplished.

I write this before heading into the wilderness with a group of 11 troubled adolescents. We will stay out for 30 days and in that period of time will accomplish, hopefully, some life-changing experiences. The mental exertion I face is a mystery as I know it will be to them. Yet I want to test my boundaries in this. I want to discover if my limits and boundaries have grown. I want to see how much I can handle. I hope this doesn't even test my limits.

Because then ...

My future is without boundaries.

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