Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Deus Caritas Est"

God is love.

I've never made it perfectly clear how I feel about Yahweh. Let me try to explain ...

The perfect white light, the feeling of cool rain on warm skin, the warm breeze, the tingling sensation felt when something truly affects my conscious, the warmth of love, the purity of charity, the greatness of the human spirit in the face of adversity ...

This would only describe the very surface, the most outer layer of the way I feel of Yahweh. When in danger, when in love, when there is any question of passion, I always turn towards an inner light. I find truth in this presence. I find my higher quality and my higher meaning. I find Yahweh in people's hearts, minds and souls. I find the hidden and mysterious name, the name of the substance, the proper name within the truth.

Imagine staring at a dim yellow light your whole life. All of society talks about how great this light is. Deep down in your heart, you know how this light is dim, but to go against the grain would be hard. Like turning yourself into water and throwing yourself onto the roaring fire of society, you would only sizzle and then dissipate into a cloud of mist. Your very essence would be consumed in the flames. So you keep going with society because it is the rational thing to do.

However someday a person will open the door to your little room and let in the world. The sun's magnificent, radiant, white light will pour through the room. It will cause your pupils to constrict. It will shower your very skin with warmth. Instantly, you will have seen the truth. Instantly, the dim yellow light can be no more. The truth has come out. It has shown you the right way, the true way to happiness. Maybe you will be able to lie to yourself, but only in the torment of your own mind. Who could possible turn away from the sun for a dim yellow light? Your body craves it. Your soul craves it. Being held away would be torture, and no great reward from society could equal the warmth and glow of those rays.

Only in the sunlight will we ever see the truth.

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