Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Rain

With great strides, unlimited impressions glide through my soul. The days often glare at me. The nights often tear into a quickening heart. A heart beating, pounding, pulsating to be somewhere adventurous, fun - living again with some added sense of purpose.

My mind sits fastidiously on the brink of a never ending journey that is college. I sit on the brink of this neverending dream. Days do not float by when my mind sits translucent to everyone, showing the pain my face delivers. Yet, when I relax, calm myself and think, my simple mind creates a passion for the little things, and I move on.

However, I cannot and will not forget. I will never forget the memories of what is true and fresh and glorified in my mind. I cannot forget the purity I have seen in people long past. I will not forget the friends that come and go into my life. My life, a journey of unforgiving romances and helpful friendships, will never be sour or barren.

My goals pound on the windows of my mind like rain. They soothe me to know they are still there. And when I immerse myself in them, they pour out onto my skin and give my soul a freshness, and I move on. My pulse pounds when I feel like this. My lungs breathe in the cool moist air.

I exhale the mist held in and relax.

I can wait a little longer. It will make me want it more.

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